About Us

Established in 2016 by industry expert Ivan Soto, Fast Tints is a mobile window tinting business that travels directly to the customer with the latest technology in laser cutting and window films all within their mobile setup. For on-site automobile window tinting, the tinted film is laser cut via machine inside the mobile unit and a fixed retractable awning provides shelter and convenience as the window tinting is designed and immediately applied. Other services include, providing pre-cut tint packages to local automobile dealerships and providing a mobile window tinting service to any boat or yacht owner/dealership or to any residential and commercial property.


Owning a Fast Tints mobile franchise provides you with the opportunity to partner with an industry leading team of experts who have successfully disrupted the window tinting industry through a state of the art mobile experience. You will work directly with ownership and learn how to run your own mobile tinting unit, but more importantly learn how to reach profitability fast. Fast Tints is designed to provide you with decades of industry knowledge and know-how on generating leads and revenue to your own start-up Fast Tints business. This lucrative franchise opportunity has many benefits with a huge upside for growth and potential profits.


The franchise opportunity offered is that of a protected territory of less than 10 miles or a population density of 500,000 wherein you can operate your very own Fast Tints. This allows you the opportunity to operate one mobile unit or multiple within one territory or multiple territories acquired through a multi-unit deal.


Fast Tints offers a comprehensive and hands on training plan in-order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their business. Our multi-faceted training includes hours of hands on training based at the headquarter facility in South Florida. You will also receive on-going training and support to ensure your success.


In a rapidly evolving industry, Fast Tints has a wide clientele from individual customers to exclusive contracts with local car dealerships. The rapid development speaks for itself. If you are looking for a high growth, innovative business venture that an be started at a low cost and be run with a small overhead, then Fast Tints may be right for you.

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