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FastTints™ was founded in 1993 by Ivan Soto, a window tinting expert and entrepreneur. With the advancements of computer controlled laser cutters and computer aided design software; Ivan was able to create a state-of-the-art mobile workstation. He has amassed a database of templates provided by manufacturers to ensure the window film is cut with a precision only the factory can provide. When choosing FastTints™ you have the peace of mind knowing that everything is cut to perfection and most importantly not cut on your car. This minimizes the risk of accidently cutting into the rubber seals and paint of your car. This is why owners of high end exotic cars trust FastTints™ to get the job done fast and without casualty. Following suit, FastTints™ only installs the best window films offered by industry leaders such as 3M, Llumar and Suntek.

FastTints™ also offers commercial and residential window tinting. Why install heat rejecting window tint in your home or office? For the energy savings of course. By installing heat rejection films in your house or place of business you will reap the benefits of its energy savings. Depending on the size of your residence or place of work, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. The cooler your environment is, the less your air conditioner has to work. Not only are you saving money on power, but also in annual maintenance and repairs to your HVAC systems.

Mr. Soto developed his methodology over 25 years, installing window film on cars, trucks, boats, homes and businesses. Why trust your investment to an amateur? Go with a pro and have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting more than what you paid for.


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  • Quick Installation Times
  • Industry Leading Window Films
  • Professional Installation
  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Over 20,000 Customers Serviced
  • Auto, Marine, Residential & Commercial

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Mr. Soto Envisions
 In 1995 he created, “Mobil unit window tinting” and the brand “Advance Window Tinting”, bought his first van and started the mobile window tinting business. He came with the idea to bring the business to his customers, at the customer´s convenience. His business lemma “We come to you at yours convenience” started to bring benefits to his business and customers love it.
Launch Mobile Service
 Always keeping in mind to improve his concept, in 2002 Mr. Soto started to implement changes to the van, to make it an enjoyable place to work. He added an electric canopy, to work in the shade and a computerized computer cut system. This last item cuts the vehicle film according to de make, year and model. This innovation allows not touch the car with any cutting tool. “We do not put a knife in to your car”
Franchising Available!
 Mr. Soto realizing his success, decided that his knowledge and experience can be pass down to people with entrepreneurial and independent spirit and manual skills, that want to become their own boss, so he decided with the help a group of high motivated individuals to franchise his concept, so “FAST TINTS” was created.

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About Our Film

The radiation from the sun, commonly referred to as Solar Energy, affects our everyday life in a form that many of us can’t even imagine. Solar Energy is classified in to three categories:

Ultraviolet Light (UV) – Ultraviolet light accounts for 3% of the total solar energy, is the most damaging to our health, causes Aging of the Skin and Skin Cancer, as well fading of materials and fabrics. Therefore, it is important to gain as much reduction of ultraviolet light as possible. Our films reject UV light as much as 99%.

Infrared Light – Infrared light accounts for 53% of the total solar energy, which generates the heat we feel when we are exposed to the sun. Infrared light makes our cars, home and place of work HOT and uncomfortable. Our films have properties that reject the heat from 50% to 95%.

Visible Light – Visible light accounts for 44% of the total solar energy, generates vision and allows us to see clearly and in color. Our films come in different shades of darkness to reduce the amount of visible light.

With the film technology we have in window films, you can gain heat reduction and transmit great amounts of visible light; therefore, your enclosed surroundings can remain light and spacious looking while reducing the solar heat generated from the infrared range.