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Benefits of Auto/Marine Window Tint

Let Fast Tints™ premier film protect you from UV Rays and Reduce Heat

Fast Tints™ cares about you! Allow us to explain how we can help!

Our Automobile / Marine film technology is an extension of our vision to create a better quality of life by protecting you from the aggressive Ultra Violet rays, in which prolong exposure produces skin cancer and the head generated by Infra-Red rays. This premium automobile / Marine line was designed to help you keep your vehicle in mint conditions, maximize your car´s performance, enhance privacy and protect you and your interior from damaging effects of the sun.

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  • → Precise Computer Cut Tints

    It may seem obvious why we would want to use Computer Cut, but it benefits you even more. If you value your vehicle you’ll opt for a Computer Cut installation – enjoy peace of mind with every cut, because “we do not put a knife in your Car”.

    • Computer Cut carefully pre-cuts templates according to established specifications, resulting in sharp, clean lines – every time

    • Computer Cut prevents unnecessary cutting on your vehicle – since patterns are precisely computer cut, there is no need to hand cut patterns to fit your vehicle’s windows or painted surface

    • Computer Cut delivers consistent quality time and time again. Whether you are tinting your car, protecting you paint’s finish or adding custom design elements to your vehicle, Computer Cut handles each job like a pro.

  • → Heat Reduction and UV Ray Protection

    With our dye-free, Carbon and Nano Carbon Ceramic Series, provides you with superior protection and maximum durability, afforded by the unique fusion of carbon and ceramic film. The amount of heat and Skin – vision damaging rays allowed in to your vehicle, can be minimize up to 70%.

    Additionally, our films reject harmful Ultra Violet (UV) and Infrared rays by near 99%, higher than most over window films brands. Protective window film is recommended by the skin Cancer Foundation as a part of their comprehensive skin care program.

  • → Multiple Shades

    Window tints can be just a stylish as they are practical, improving the appearance of your car in a unique, personalized way. When comparing options and choosing shades it is important to select a film, that both protect and enhances, while complying with federal and state laws.

    Our Films Visual Transmitted Light (VTL) goes from 5% to 80% visual transmitted light.

  • → 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Mr. Soto developed his methodology over 25 years, installing films on both glass and acrylic surface. Over this years, Mr. Soto develop and mastered a Technique to install window titing with in inside the car. In the last two years Mr. Soto have trained Alejandro Soto his youngest brother and Mr. Juan Acosta, in the art of window tinting installations for vehicles as well commercial/residential sectors. So together they develop the mobile Franchise unit. “ We come to you at your convenience”

  • → Pro Installers

    With the film technology we have in window films, you can gain heat reduction an transmit great amounts of visible light; therefore, your enclosed surroundings ca remain light and spacious looking while reducing the solar heat generated from the infrared range.

Did We Tell You…We Come to You!

The reason Fast Tints™ is unique and different from all of our competitors is, we give our customers’ the luxury of picking up the phone and calling us to schedule an appointment, the rest, we take care of it. We save you time and money.

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It only takes 1 1/2 hours for installation. Yes, you read that right. In 1 1/2 hours, your installer will be done.

Pre-Cut Window Tints

Our methods and technology allows us to pre-cut your window tints based on make, model and year to ensure precision and speed.


Call us at 1-888- 508-9931. We will advise you with the best and more economical solution according to your needs.


At Fast Tints™ we receive all phone calls and program your appointment to the earliest date and time available. Most appointments can be set as soon as 1 business day!


Our Call center will help you thought the process for you to make an appointment Call us to help you 888.508.9931

Waiting just got Fast

No more waiting in lines, no more driving and spending your precious time because Fast Tints™ comes to you at your convenience. You now can wait at the comfort of your home.

All Makes & Model Automobile & Marine!

It may seem obvious why we would want to use Computer Cut, we computer cut your film to each car by make, model and year. If you value your vehicle you’ll opt for a Computer Cut installation – enjoy peace of mind with every cut, because “we do not put a knife in your Car”.